Learn to speak Chinese before your holiday to China! The Traveller course from My Chinese Hub is an excellent way to brush up on basic Chinese interaction while you are away. This self-teaching course provides you need to study and remember fundamental greetings and short phrases. The material covered in the course is extremely thorough and will ensure a good, lasting comprehension of how to communicate with Chinese people throughout your stay. And you will be equipped to have plenty of fun bargaining with the local shop keepers!

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Learn at a comfortable pace

Chinese lessons are accessed at the learner’s own discretion and convenience. This means that there is no rush to finish a particular level in order to move on to the next! The learner can stay focused on any given section of the course for as long as he or she needs to. This helps to obtain complete understanding of all aspects involved in each level before advancing further.


Pre-recorded video lessons for easy learning

A helpful part of the course is the inclusion of pre-recorded video lessons from professional Chinese teachers. These 3-5 minutes video lessons form part of the particular level the learner is on. What makes these lessons so helpful is that pronunciation and tone are highlighted as important elements of the course. The learner will then be able to take the written resources and couple them with their video lessons for highly effective study! Access to a live forum is provided for quick answers to any pertinent questions the learner may have. The program also contains simple, fun exercises to help saturate the information and make it stick!


Assess yourself through online tests

There are intermittent assessments throughout the course which help the learner to evaluate general performance. But that’s not all! Each module will end with a quiz to test knowledge and memory — so you always know how well you are doing! There is also a final exam at the end of the course which will give an indication of how much information has been absorbed. If at any time the learner feels that not enough information has sunk in, certain sections of the course can be revisited at leisure. However, the course structure and methods of learning come highly recommended and are very likely to deliver excellent results in relation to the learner’s effort.


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